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A4 Health Systems’ HealthMatics Enhanced with Instant Medical History

Cary, NC — March 11, 2003

A4 Health Systems® announced today the latest developments in online strategies enhancing HealthMatics® EMR Electronic Medical Record system. With the addition of Primetime Medical Software’s Instant Medical History function, A4 is leveraging internet technologies to enable easy transfer of inbound and outbound patient chart information.

An integration of Primetime Medical Software’s Instant Medical History™ patient interview software with HealthMatics EMR Electronic Medical Record is unique in the industry for its use of patient-supplied information as data elements to directly populate the chart, on provider approval. Instant Medical History is designed to gather medical history and chief complaint details prior to the encounter. Patients answer branching multiple-choice questionnaires online at home or at a kiosk in the practice. The efficiency of this process saves an average of 4 minutes per encounter.

“Clinicians spend a lot of pre-encounter time reviewing histories and asking questions about present complaints. With Instant Medical History patients and providers can bypass a lot of this administrative repetition,” says John McConnell, CEO of A4 Health Systems.

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