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Instant Medical History Software Development Kit

Primetimeís technology provides a question and answer engine that can be integrated into an application.

The knowledge base performs sophisticated branching encapsulated within a programming interface that allows rapid and easy implementation of unique user interfaces. The question knowledge base contains all of the logic about when to drill-down and ask more detailed questions. The client application simply keeps retrieving the next question to be asked and returning the userís answer back to the question engine. When the engine determines that no more questions are necessary, the user program can then collect and store the results or generate an output report to view the results. The strength of the engine is the flexibility of the knowledge-based branching dependent on user input.

Instant Medical History™ is available as an iFrame, component, Windows API/COM wrapper, or thick client standalone application / thin client LAN based application. The / Win32 implementations are shipped as a standard Win32 DLL along with the appropriate header files to describe the functions and structures used.

The Instant Medical History™ engine is multi-session and multi-threaded compatible. This allows hundreds of simultaneous screenings to be conducted. The session state that must be maintained for each screening can either be maintained by the Instant Medical History™ engine or the client application can save and restore the screening state as necessary to address scalability for your environment.

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