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JMJ Technologies Integrates Instant Medical History into EncounterPRO® EMR

Atlanta, GA ó November 13, 2003

JMJ Technologies, makers of EncounterPRO, today announced an integration with Instant Medical History software from Primetime Medical Software that allows patients to enter their medical history into the EMR before the encounter. The integration will be unveiled at the regional conference of the American Academy of Family Practice on Friday, Nov. 14, 2003.

“Instant Medical History has many positive effects on the physicianís practice,” says Matthew Ferrante, Primetime Medical Software president. “Physician interviews with patients are more effective, transcription costs are lowered, dictation is eliminated, and documentation and coding are measurably improved.”

“Instant Medical History adds an invaluable function to EncounterPRO,” says Kane St. John, JMJ COO. “IMH can now be called from within EncounterPRO--either automatically as part of a workplan or with the touch of a button in the patientís chart--for the patient to complete. The results will automatically post into the appropriate fields of the patientís chart in EncounterPRO.”

For information about JMJís EncounterPRO EMR, go to

Carolyn Copenhaver
VP Marketing
JMJ Technologies, Inc.

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