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Epic Systems Licenses Instant Medical History

Madison, WI - September 8, 2004

Primetime Medical Software is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Epic Systems Corporation. This represents the 35th major vendor to incorporate Instant Medical History technology.

Instant Medical History is designed to gather a medical history prior to the encounter. Patients respond to branching, multiple-choice questionnaires from an extensive medical knowledgebase. With about 6,000 questionnaires and over 78,000 unique questions, Instant Medical History covers virtually all possible complaints and symptoms. This unparalleled, comprehensive knowledge base has been developed and refined by a team of physicians over a 15-year period. The output provides physicians with enough information to begin a focused patient interview, saving valuable physician time. Additional benefits are the improved documentation and automatic messaging.

“MyChart® is a powerful tool for a group practice. By partnering with an industry leader, we have developed a solution that provides outstanding results for medical practices,” said Matthew Ferrante, Primetime’s president.

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