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IDX® Patient Online® and Primetime Medical Software Enhance Communications between Doctors, Patients

Burlington, VT - February 7, 2005

IDX Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:IDXC), a leading provider of healthcare information systems, and Primetime Medical Software, a provider of knowledge databases to support the computer-assisted interviewing of patients, today announced an agreement to integrate the Primetime Instant Medical History solution and IDX® Patient Online®.

The integration of these solutions from IDX and Primetime is expected to make physician and patient interviews more accurate and efficient, enhance documentation and coding, and improve the flow of data to electronic medical records.

Patient Online eVisit technology provides a secure communication link between healthcare providers and their patients. It is a core part of the IDX patient-centered information technology (PCIT) strategy, which, in addition to supporting ongoing communication about both clinical and administrative matters, provides patients access to their medical records and supports collaborative chronic disease management. Patient Online can be customized and branded by IDX for each customer, so that its functionality becomes an integral part of a provider’s web site.

In development since 1986, Instant Medical History™ from Primetime is designed to gather patient medical history and diagnostic information prior to physician visits. Patients respond to branching, multiple-choice questionnaires from an extensive medical knowledgebase. This provides physicians with more accurate and consistently presented preliminary information, resulting in a more focused and higher value in-person interview in support of better—and faster—diagnoses.

University of Colorado Hospital has been using Patient Online since 2002. As a result, patient satisfaction has significantly increased and the output of clinical staff has greatly improved. Based on a study of Patient Online users at the hospital, 81 percent of those surveyed noted that the service saved them a phone call to the clinic and 33 percent said it saved them a visit.

According to Chen-Tan Lin, MD, associate professor of medicine, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center (UCDHSC) and senior medical director of informatics, University of Colorado Hospital, the integration of structured medical interviewing technology from Primetime within Patient Online is expected to drive even greater improvements.

“As more doctor-patient communication moves online, the dependency on in person visits is reduced. Since we’ve adopted Patient Online from IDX, we’ve also moved away from the use of telephone,” said Dr. Lin. “Because structured interviews align with how clinicians think and work, and because they eliminate some of the ambiguities associated with communications in free text, we expect that we will achieve faster, better diagnoses.”

It is expected that University of Colorado Hospital will implement the integrated solution within the first half of 2005.

"The ability to gather a complete history of present illness information directly from patients supports the development of payer-reimbursed eVisits, an issue of growing importance to patients, physicians and payers," said Matthew Ferrante, CEO, Primetime Medical Software. "IDX is well positioned to capitalize on this opportunity, with outstanding technology and hundreds of customers who understand the power of technology to enhance the doctor-patient relationship."

"IDX’s patient centered information technology strategy includes the integration of innovative solutions from leading companies like Primetime Medical Software,” said James H. Crook, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, IDX. "This enhancement to Patient Online will help save patients’ and physicians’ time, support the automation of revenue collection, and improve the quality of data flowing into electronic health records—all in support of better patient care and improved business performance.”

About Primetime Medical Software, Inc.

Since 1985, Primetime Medical Software, Inc. has been compiling medical knowledge bases for patient interviewing in electronic health records. Designed by physicians for use in the office and in eVisits, the knowledge bases contain questionnaires for more than six thousand distinct patient complaints. Physician productivity increases because as much as sixty percent of the medical data necessary to complete the visit note can be provided by patients and automatically documented in medical terminology through the Internet, in exam rooms, or in waiting areas before the encounter. For more information, visit the company on the Web at

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