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American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine selects SOAPware and IMH

November 12, 2005

Information technologies have transformed most industries by boosting quality and profits, but doctors have been slow to adopt for several reasons. Systems are generally overpriced, difficult to set up, and until recently, unable to interoperate with competing systems (effectively binding you to one vendor).

There are now several hundred EHR systems on the market. Some are very good but many fall short. Identifying leading systems and comparing features in the context of urgent care – and then scheduling demos and locating references from “physicians like me in a practice like mine,” is very time consuming.

The Academy has investigated the field of EHR through consultation with non-profit IT groups like The Medical Records Institute, TEPR, the AAFP Information Technology Center, HIMMS and others. We’ve noted awards for excellence within the industry, and we’ve monitored online discussion groups where doctors talk frankly about hands-on experience. The better offerings, now interoperable with each other, were boiled down to just a few until the best reasonably priced system emerged for small to medium sized urgent care clinics.

SOAPware, from Docs, Inc, is our selection. This EHR is now used by more small and midsize practices than any other because the ease of use, sophistication and speed compare favorably to more costly systems. The company enjoys a lengthy record of customer satisfaction.

Discounts are available for the two SOAPware packages we recommend – the Gold Bundle at around $4000 and the Super Bundle at around $2000. The Academy has also established an FTE (Full Time Equivalent) licensing model with the company – for further savings to clinics with part time doctors.

The healthcare and business advantages to EHR are well known. For example, studies demonstrate that ambulatory physicians under code by more than 20% in comparison to expert coders. The auto-coding feature of better EHR’s has a major impact on reimbursements. Transcription costs are minimized with EHR, decision support is available, and detailed records and reports provide for better care and for reduced med/mal risk.

Most EHR systems use “templates” – electronic forms selected by chief complaint or by diagnosis. These can take weeks or months to customize to a specialty and/or to an individual style.

The Academy has authored a basic urgent care template for SOAPware that is free to members. Further customization is easily accomplished - even on the fly during clinical encounters, if desired.

SOAPware has won industry contests for the speed with which clinical encounters are handled. A feature called “Instant Medical History” saves more than 6 minutes per encounter on average. The system links to many practice management and billing systems, or an integrated practice management system can also be purchased.

The better EHR’s improve care, optimize reimbursements and save considerable time otherwise spent in the “back office.”

To learn more about SOAPware or to place an order, click here or call the company at 800-455-7627 and identify yourself as an Academy member.

To receive the Academy’s UCM Template for SOAPware (free to members) go to
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