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Amazing Charts Integrates Instant Medical History

Hope Valley, RI — November 14, 2005

The new release of Amazing Chart’s Electronic Medical Record features an available integration of Primetime Medical Software’s Instant Medical History™ patient interview software, creating a time-saving feature for physicians.

“This allows physicians to use information entered by the patient at a kiosk or from the web. This information is pulled into the patient chart and reviewed by the physician, reducing documentation by the practice,” announced Jon Bertman, CEO of Amazing Charts.

Instant Medical History is designed to gather medical history and chief complaint details prior to the encounter. Patients answer branching multiple-choice questionnaires online at home or at a kiosk in the practice. This information is brought into the record, saving an average of 4 minutes per encounter. “Instant Medical History is committed to the small physician office and leading vendors such as Amazing Charts,” says Matthew Ferrante, Primetime Medical Software president:

  • The decrease in interview time needed will allow the physician to spend more time with each patient, or see a greater number of patients during a given day.
  • IMH has been shown to gather better patient responses for sensitive issues. Patients are more comfortable entering sexually transmitted diseases, at risk practices, and drug use into a computer than discussing it with a nurse.
  • Patients perceive a shorter waiting time. Because they are occupied with important information, their medical history, the time spent in the waiting room appears to go by quickly. Busy patients are able to enter their information online before the visit, allowing them to manage their time better.

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