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New Practis Forms Powered by IMH Reclaim Hours in a Physician’s Day

Charlotte, NC – December 28, 2011

Practis, Inc., a distinguished healthcare web design firm, and Primetime Medical Software, the leading provider of patient interviewing technology, partnered to deliver Practis Forms—new healthcare software that allows practices to administer medical history and other clinical questionnaires securely through their current website.

Practis Forms greatly increases practice efficiencies and improves patient satisfaction through either custom forms or an extensive database of 6,000 medical questionnaires and sophisticated healthcare software that translates patients’ answers into clinical terminology. Renowned institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic and American Academy of Family Physicians, published that 60% of the visit note is completed and saved in the EMR before the start of the exam. After-hours documentation is no longer necessary and office visits are reduced by 4 minutes.

“The impact of this new medical software is astounding,” explains Elizabeth Pettrone, President of Practis, Inc. “The savings in under-coding and data entry combined with additional revenue opportunities can potentially increase monthly revenues by $10,200 per physician—or $122,400 annually, per physician.”

Through this partnership, Practis and Primetime developed a series of pre-packaged solutions to meet the needs of a variety of practices—no set-up is required by the practice. The software easily integrates with current practice websites, top EMR vendors and is compatible with mobile devices, allowing for a seamless transition.

“Enabling the direct flow of patient-entered information into the EMR increases the data quality and helps to improve the focus and efficiency of the patient encounter.” explains Matthew Ferrante, President, Primetime. “Partnering with Practis will enable this medical software to be accessible to more practices, improving countless physician-patient communications.”

About Practis, Inc.

Since 1998, Practis has been designing, developing and maintaining custom websites for medical practices and health care organizations. Their clients represent health care organizations nationwide, ranging in size and scope from physician practices to hospitals and medical centers. Located in Charlotte, NC, this full-service medical web site design firm provides strategic planning, web site design and web application development. For more information, please call (800) 238-0095 or visit

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