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Cerner's Patient Portal Uses Instant Medical History to Enhance Patient Communications

Kansas City, MO March 14, 2013

Cerner Corporation, a leading provider of fully integrated healthcare information systems, and Primetime Medical Software, the leading provider of software to support the computer-assisted interviewing of patients, today announced an agreement to extend the time-saving and revenue enhancing features of Instant Medical History.

By providing patients with symptom-specific questionnaires, Instant Medical History helps patients organize their history. Branching logic progresses quickly through adjustable questionnaires before organizing the positives and negatives for physicians. Using the Cerner Patient Portal's structured-messaging feature, VisitManager, patients and providers spend less time on paperwork and more time on care. VisitManager also helps eliminate unnecessary non-urgent care visits through online consultations. Key benefits of the VisitManager powered by Instant Medical History:

Reduces the office visit by 3-4 minutes

Reduces data entry time

Enhances patient communication and satisfaction

Increases the documentation quality significantly

Enables online consultations between patients and physicians

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